Velos-Studio an idea

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Why start a project?


Velos-Studio was born with the idea of helping companies increasing their sales, therefore, promote the business.

In the world where technology is driving ideas and opening borders. I notice that there are companies without a website, consequently not reaching all their potential customers.

If I need something, I will always search the web for it. So I know that ratings in Search Engines are increasingly more important and possibly the image of a company which leads to the success.

So the idea started:

“Why not?”.

“Why not help businesses with a simple gesture so they can become better recognised and successful .”

“Will this be a good idea?”


I believe it is an excellent idea. As a result, I will do one of the things that gives me more pleasure while helping others.


Do you think it was a good idea?


Contact me today to discuss how can I help your business online.